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The website (hereinafter “the website”) is the property of Global KPMP (hereinafter “FRAMMENTI” or “the company” ). The company’s legal address is located at Rua António José Batista, Nº16, 2º Frente, 2910-397, Setúbal. Its fiscal number is 510 989 279.

The current Privacy Policy applies to all the actions taken by the user on the website. It also informs about matters of intellectual property, data treatment, confidentiality, limitations of liability, among others.

All questions regarding the Privacy Policy must be sent to FRAMMENTI encourages all users of the website to read all the following items. The company also appeals to a conscientious usage of data.

  1. General information

1.1. When browsing on the website, the user agrees with the current Privacy Policy. In case the user does not agree with any of the items, he must immediately abandon the website.

1.2. The website is managed in Portugal, but there are no restrictions to users from other countries. While browsing on the website, the user acknowledges the home country’s laws and agrees that these will apply during the navigation.

1.3. FRAMMENTI can update the current Privacy Policy at any time and without any previous or further notification. For that reason, the company recommends users to visit this page and regularly read all the items. The date of the last update will be presented at the bottom of the page.

1.4. FRAMMENTI commits to act on goodwill, using legal and rightful means to acquire, treat, and process the data of the users. The data will not be sent or given to third parties without previous consent from the holder of the data.

1.5. The holder of the data can, at any moment, request access to the data that FRAMMENTI has about him. He also has the right to update, erase, or modify his data. To do so, he must send an email to

  1. Intellectual property

 2.1. FRAMMENTI owns or respects the intellectual property of all the graphs, texts, photos, illustrations, and other materials that are available on the website. Individuals, organizations, or other entities cannot use these materials without previous consent from the company.

2.2. Individuals and entities that intend to use any of the materials available on the website must send an email to

2.3. Any use, reproduction or change of images that were not authorized by FRAMMENTI are entirely forbidden.

2.4. The user accepts that FRAMMENTI can use all suggestions, drawings, concepts, photos, testimonials, or documents (hereinafter “suggestions”) that were not considered confidential on its website and means of communication.

2.5. Confidential information refers to information that was given by the user during conversational emails and messages. It does not include comments or reviews publicly written on social media platforms or the website.

2.6. The users who are responsible for the suggestions guarantee that the suggestion does not violate third-party rights, authorship rights, patents, or property rights.

  1. User data collection

3.1. The data collection on the website is made through different processes. Depending on the process, the nature of these data may differ. Regardless of the process, each user will be identified by his email.

3.2. The main processes used for collecting data are the online purchase process; the account creation process; and the newsletter subscription process. When submitting any form, the user accepts the current Privacy Policy and agrees with the data treatment procedure. The user voluntarily and consciously sends all the data.

3.3. To complete an online purchase, the user must enter his first and last name, address, country, city, postal code, email and phone number. He also must add the fiscal number. The user is asked if he wishes the shipping and fiscal information to be the same. Payments can be made using both PayPal or credit/debit card.

3.4. The account creation process is only completed when the user grants the following information: first and last name, email, country, date of birth, and gender. After completing the account creation process, the user may insert his shipping information so that it can be used on next online purchases. These data can be edited in the website account.

3.5. The newsletter subscription process is completed after the user provides the following data: first name, last name and email.

3.7. When providing the data, the user gives consent to receive emails with both informative and commercial emails. If the user does not wish to receive these emails, he must click on the “unsubscribe” option, available in the email.

3.8. FRAMMENTI commits to not send informative or commercial emails to users who declared their intention of unsubscribing. If, after unsubscribing, the user keeps receiving emails, he must send a message to, reinforcing his request.

  1. Data collected on the custom made process

4.1. During the custom made process, the customer will be asked to participate in a creative process, which includes one or multiple conversations with the designer, Hernani Santiño. The information shared on such discussions is confidential and will not be stored on a database or shared with third parties.

  1. Data usage and purpose

5.1. The data collected by FRAMMENTI will be used to:

  1. a) Send the purchased item to the user, as well as treat other requests such as item returns.
  1. b) Send invitations, discounts, promotions, marketing communications, ads, and information about products and services to the users;
  1. c) Track the user interaction with the website and FRAMMENTI;
  1. d) Create campaigns and ads using tools from partners;
  1. e) Analyze data for marketing activities, improving processes, and enhancing the user experience.
  1. Confidentiality and data security

6.1. FRAMMENTI guarantees the confidentiality of the data provided by its users. It also commits to securing data and granting that it will be processed in a way that intends to ensure safeness and avoid manipulation.

6.2. FRAMMENTI is safeguarded against loses that may occur during the processing of data. Since it is happening on an open network, data collection is not immune to violations of security conditions. Considering that, FRAMMENTI cannot be held responsible for information loses that may occur after computer attacks or other problems over which FRAMMENTI has no control.

6.3. Access to the users’ data is restricted. FRAMMENTI commits to only provide data to entities that have the legal right to request them and upon formal requirement.

6.4. Data will be provided to partners that are formerly bond to FRAMMENTI and commit to sharing the same privacy principles. The data will also be available to the marketing team, authorized, and top managers.

6.5. DHL was the chosen partner for delivering the items that the user previously bought on the website. The users’ data will be shared with the company so the item can be delivered. In case the user has a problem with the delivery, he must get in touch with FRAMMENTI, using the email Depending on the delivery state, he can be advised to get in touch with DHL directly.

  1. Cookies policy

 7.1. Cookies are text files that collect data from users and that are automatically downloaded by the browser when the user enters the website. These files are used by the website to collect data and enhance the user experience.

7.2. Cookies can remain on a computer or mobile device for different periods. Cookies will not store personal data that identifies the user.

7.3. The way cookies operate depend on the partner tool, that is responsible for installing them. FRAMMENTI commits to use tools from partners that respect the privacy of the users. However, the company cannot be held accountable for flaws, errors, or technical problems from partners.


  1. Connection to third party websites

8.1 The website contains links to other external websites, that may have useful information for the user. The current Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites. FRAMMENTI is not responsible for the content of other websites.

  1. Information on the website

9.1. FRAMMENTI efforts to grant that the information on the website and customer support is as accurate as possible.

9.2. Even though FRAMMENTI seeks to ensure that all descriptions, photos, graphic representations of products are accurate, we do not grant that all materials are error-free. Errors may result from information inaccuracy, omission, outdates, or any other reason.

  1. Data access and changes

 10.1. All users have the right to request access, correction, or erasure of their data. The right can be used at any moment, according to the applicable Data Protection Law.

10.2. To update data, the data holder must get in touch with FRAMMENTI by email, sending a message to

Last update: September 2019



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