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Welcome to FRAMMENTI community! If you are reading these terms is because you are experiencing our website. These terms and conditions explain the process of ordering a product or starting the jacket customization. Please read them carefully before using any FRAMMENTI platform. Questions must be sent to info@frammenti.com.

  1. Purchase requirements

To order any item or to start the customization process, the buyer must be, at least, 16 years old. In case he is younger than that, a parent or adult must authorize the purchase. By purchasing a product, he declares that he is over 16.

The buyer can complete his order at www.frammenti.com. When he does so, he declares that he is not a reseller neither he will resell the purchase items. The buyer also declares that all the information provided is as correct, exact, and complete as possible.

  1. Products and collections

FRAMMENTI has different products and collections, some of which are exclusive. When browsing through our website, you must be aware of the existence of the following kinds of products:

  1. a) Ready to wear: our ready to wear products are available for a longer period and are not exclusive. This means that there is more than one item that users can buy.
  1. b) One of a kind jackets: these jackets are exclusive to one edition, which means that the first user to complete the purchase will get the jacket. The jacket will no longer be online
  1. c) Customized jackets: these jackets are customized items, tailor-made for the client. The user can start the bespoke online. Such process will continue with an interview with Hernani Santiñ Customized jackets are exclusive and tailored to match the client’s personality.

One of a kind jackets can not be reserved, even if the user adds the jacket to his cart. The first user to complete the purchase will block other users from buying that same jacket. In case you have any doubt about such jackets, please get in touch.

FRAMMENTI cannot be responsible for problems that result in mishandling of the clothes during the clothes cleaning. In each page, you’ll find recommendations on how the product must be washed or cleaned.

  1. Customized products

The customization process must be seen as the outcome of a complex creative method, in which Hernani Santiño gets to know the client personally. Through such a process, he aims to translate the client’s essence into a unique piece of clothing.

To start the customization process, the client must get in touch by email or fill the form in the customization jackets’ page. There he will be asked to leave some initial information that will help Hernani Santiño to follow up.

FRAMMENTI’s team will call you back or send you an email so a first interview can be scheduled. A physical meeting is required for effective customization. Details of this meeting will be arranged, as well as the day, hours, and meeting point.

At the beginning of the process, the client will be asked to transfer 50% of the value of the final product. The other 50% will need to be transferred when the product is finished and ready to be sent.

The price of custom jackets varies according to different variables, such as travel expenses or process complexity. It can also be adapted according to the client’s requirements. FRAMMENTI will share the price in the early stages of the customization process.

  1. Price

The prices shown on the website include VAT. The original cost of each product is established in Euro (EUR), and conversions will be done in case the product is bought from a non-Eurozone country.

Prices can be changed anytime by FRAMMENTI. In case the order occurs after the price change, the value charged will be the one the user found when he ordered. An email will be sent after with the product details and purchase description.

Delivery costs are included and will not be charged to the buyer. The buyer is, however, responsible for the costs of returning the product. For more information on this topic, please read our Delivery and Returns page.

  1. Payment methods

 Buyers can complete the purchase process by paying with PayPal and credit/debit cards. The following cards are accepted: VISA, American Express, Mastercard, and Maestro.


  1. Billing

 FRAMMENTI chooses to use an electronic billing system. All bills will be sent through email after the purchase is complete. The method replaces traditional paper invoices.

  1. Order cancellation

 Order cancellation can be made up until you receive the delivery email. To cancel the order, the user must send an email to cancel@frammenti.com. Our team will analyze your request.

In case the cancellation is no longer possible, the user will be asked to return the product. The user is responsible for the returning costs. FRAMMENTI will transfer the total value of the purchase after internal an internal validation of the conditions of the product.

  1. Others

Users will be only notified of changes on the current terms if FRAMMENTI considers it a significant change. Otherwise, the company recommends users to read the current page from time to time.

For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions, Delivery and Returns, and Privacy Policy.

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